Why does Iron Sky bother me? 911 Subliminal message? Kony, Osama, Hitler real connection?

What is it that bothers me????VVVVVV

Alien Invasion False Flag...?

This picture which is shown in a split of a second.

Time: 9:11…..Then there is a Ufo, Spaceship, flying saucer, whatever you want to call it. And yet this is at NY!

IRON SKY- For some reason they picked an odd title…was it because of KONY??? Do they want to stick a little subliminal in our subconscious mind??? Fact:  Your subconscious mind is 30000 times more powerful than your conscious mind.

Take those 4 letters out and were left with the IRS! Well ignore that, KONY seems to be more important for now. So this all seems to be going somewhere.

So here’s where I connect the dots.

Hitler’s birthday: April 20th(Cover the Night,KONY)            Hitler’s Death: May 1, 1945

Osama Bin Laden’s Death: May 1, 2011

Who’s next????K.O????????????NY

Yeah…call it coincidence or whatever but something bothered me about this trailer. Just telling you now that I will watch the movie, will not pay for it, but will pay close attention. If anything happens in the few weeks I will make sure I know the full story.

That’s all for now

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9 responses to “Why does Iron Sky bother me? 911 Subliminal message? Kony, Osama, Hitler real connection?

  • Dradin Kastell


    Do you know that Iron Sky has been in production since 2006 and all that time with the very same English title? I know, because I have been following the project from the beginning. So unless KONY 2012 has been planned for over six years, the similarity is an honest coincidence.

    The time on the clock is very likely intentional though. The reason for the “New York sequence” is to mirror/parody the multitude of scifi films that see aliens attack New York. They even included blowing up the Statue of Liberty, which should serve as a reminder of this. Bear in mind that Iron Sky is a science fiction comedy, heavy on parody and satire. The film is very much intentionally intertextual and “meta”. The premise is based on the conspiracy theories about Nazi UFOs, the Antarctic colony in “Neuschwabenland” and Nazi moonbases.

    The film comes pretty much entirely from outside the Hollywood big studio system. It was started by a handful of Finnish scifi fans, who begun making the film independently and gathered a funding of about 10 million dollars from small investors and film companies in Finland, Germany and Australia. The script was written by a relatively unknown Finnish scifi author, Johanna Sinisalo and the movie directed by a Finnish movie newcomer Timo Vuorensola. The development of the story and the film’s world was heavily crowdsourced to the internet community.

    To sum it up, it is not your usual Hollywood fare. Iron Sky is a camp scifi spectacle “from fans for the fans” – it is unlikely that its elements were chosen or influenced by some unseen puppetmasters or world elites. It was not made to “prepare” us for coming catastrophic events, at least not intentionally. If the movie manages to predict future events, that will be just a random manifestation of the global unconscious.

  • KnockoutNewYork April20th

    Please contact me. You posted a bit of information I didn’t think about. We all must unite before April 20th, 2012. Anon members alike!

  • Frank

    As you know, I’ve been all over Kony for some time and know it is connected with Whitney Houston, Iron Sky etc . To your previous comment, there is too much in just the trailer for it to be “a random manifestation of the global unconscious” however much I wish that was the case .

    This is my conclusion why we are seeing 9/11 references .

    http://merovee.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/why-so-sirius/ & http://merovee.wordpress.com/2012/03/27/911-images-everywhere/

    Frank from Merovee

    • Dradin Kastell

      Well, what do you then suggest is the actual method the makers of Iron Sky were influenced by someone pushing a secret agenda? Mind control? Having been an internet volunteer involved in the making of the film, if only obliquely, I am well acquainted with the process that went with it. It is absolutely an independent production and furthermore gaining the needed funding has been very hard all the way.

      If some shady elites wanted this film shown to as many as possible, why would they not give provide enough resources to complete it easily and in a timely fashion? As it was, the project would have failed without small private contributions and crowd investement.

      Note that because it is independent, Iron Sky does not even have simultanious releases across the world – it was released in Finland and Norway yesterday, Germany follows today and, frex, in Britain on the 20th. Getting it released in as many countries as it is has been a huge uphill struggle. And the makers have very little control over the distributors. For example the US distributor is dragging their feet and “waiting for the best time” to open. Which will most likely not be before April 20th!

      What I am saying is that for being a film promoted by a secret global puppetmasters to prepare us for a specific event/events it looks a bit, well, inept and unnecessarily convoluted. I mean they could have just gone to a big Hollywood studio, gained all the trappings of, say, the Hunger Games and be done with it.

      • nanonymouse

        Well, I can’t tell you much. I now know that these guys were from Finland…but that doesn’t make much of a difference. They’re averagely smarter than Americans and I’m sure they know how the the subliminals work.
        I don’t know if they were trying to tell us something, or if all of this was just a coincidence.
        Hopefully it’s just my mind trying to confuse me.
        Thnx for comment

  • Dradin AKstell


    Sorry if I came off a bit acerbic; and if so, it was directed to Frank, not you. Iron Sky is an interesting film for many reasons, and I am sure that when it finally opens stateside the CT community will find a lot of things in it worth commenting. The Antarctic/Moon Nazi theory is not the only conspiracy thing it uses as a plot device or alludes to. So I suggest you go see the film if you have the chance, or you can send me an email – you got the address, right – if you want to ask me about it. I am no way an insider, as such, but I think I may safely say I know pretty much about it…

  • djfimi

    Did you see this?
    Before the old “Führer” gehts shot he holds a flyer with “New World Order” and the year shown 2018! ? On the Backgroud of this flyer the American flag.

    Also i seen at the end of the Movie the Moon get transformed into the all seeing eye which is shown over the planet earth.

    What has the Nazis (in combination with the american flag) to do with NWO ?
    The 1. try?

    Good News …

    • neutrolium

      I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the movie, but will maybe today, tomorrow or saturday because i’m kind of busy. Thank you so much for the info though, will keep that in mind while watching. ~Peace~

  • InfoWars

    It no differ than what they shown on THE LONE GUNMAN plot series which was air 6 month before 9/11 which shown the PLOT of the Terrorist attack on the world trade towers. So the question remain is what are they trying to say that all the UFO sighting and the NWO plot will take place in 2018 or sooner. The Nazi did in fact build UFO back in world war II, it known fact, and the base in South Pole, as well moon base. So it base on real fact of the Nazi plot, and it seem that the ILLUMINATI are pushing their plan forward, but the mass of the public will never get it. When you expose them, the people will think, OH you saw that movie from Iron Sky, it not real man. But when it does happen with a UFO false flag event then what will they think, well they will be told its the ALIENs, not Nazi, but the real truth is that the NAZI are behind it all, since they are part of the ILLUMINATI group. So really who behind this movie? Who funded it? Follow the money, and you will find out who really behind it.

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