Athletes in the Illuminati?

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I do think they’re in the Illuminati…but I don’t think the Illuminati are the controllers of Music Industry and all the other Industries. It’s more like the government. But the Illuminati is kind of a distraction. No one really knows who the leaders of the Illuminati really are….unless you join BUT DON’T.

If people want to make a protest they can’t go out there saying “Stop the Illuminati!!!”  They won’t even know who the leaders are! People are starting to wake up but just say “the Illuminati this the illuminati that.” If people are going to protest they have to aim at the government and not the illuminati.

Illuminati is real but they aren’t the ones with the major power. They have connections but what they really want is people’s souls. They have satanic rituals and all that other stuff that I won’t really talk about but what they aim at is the spiritual side of people. It’s why subliminal messages exist in music, movies, commercials, games, and more. If you leave the illuminati and want to expose them well…good luck with that…Just watch these two videos.

You can also tell which athletes are in the Illuminati when you see them all over the mainstream media and they extremely overrated.

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7 responses to “Athletes in the Illuminati?

  • Hazel Tyson

    Hello Nanononymous,
    Cool Post, are you forced to join illuminati to become famous im becoming a pro football player and i dont want to join illuminati im also becoming a lawyer and i dont wanna be in the illuminati. can you give examples of famous people or athletes etc…. that have succeeded without the illuminati i would i appreciate it thank you
    Kindest Regards

    • nanononymous

      You won’t be forced to do anything….it was their choice for fame, of course if you join it will sound like a good deal, but it is up to you(DONT)….Yes their are famous people who’ve succeeded in life without making a deal, Aaron Foster, Dirk Nowitzki, and all those other good athletes not doing any dumb nike/adidas commercials…

    • alaska

      The professional athletes are in the Illuminati because they work for them. They are by default whether they like it or not. However, they do enjoy being Freemasons/Luciferians/illuminati members due to the perks until the 3rd degree (when they are used by the peds as spies, drug mules, prostitutes, murders, gang leaders, drug dealers, arms dealers, and for sex, and PORNOGRAPHY). Many other professions are also controlled by the Illuminati and Freemasons but they do not have mass fame and power to influence the masses.

  • Susanne Barrett

    Is this just one more ploy of Satan’s Secret Society to try and discredit God and his creation?

    Is the Illuminati 666 / New World Order / Satan’s Secret Society the main sponsor of the Olympics?

    I’m unsure if I have ever seen so much NWO symbolism used before in one event? Is Harry Potter the soul supporter of the Olympics? Do you think we could see one more pyramid with the all seeing eye on it?

    Does the New World Order / Nazi Within the Order members give gifts to all those athletes when they flash the Horn sign ( Hails Satan Sign) during their events showing their keys to get into HELL? How about the Canadian Gold metal Winner on the podium last night? Did you see him show his keys to Get into Hell (Horn sign / Hail Satan)

    • nanononymous

      I’m not sure but what I really want to know is where all these comments are coming from??? Good question huh…Thnx for comment though it really helps.

  • Calisto Roberto

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